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European Creative Industries Alliance

European efforts are coming together in order to stimulate the cultural and creative industries. There is currently a window of opportunity for influencing politicians and launching new initiatives on the European level.  One reason is the preparatory work for Europe’s strategy 2020, in which ‘culture’ is a pillar.

Summary of the EU Green Paper on CCIs

The European Commission has recently published a Green Paper on "Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries". The starting point of the Green Paper is that Europe is characterized by a digital economy where intangible assets, creativity and innovation have gained greater economic significance. The cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are considered capable of responding to these challenges, with untapped potential to create growth and jobs. Therefore, Europe must map out and invest in new sources of ”smart, sustainable and inclusive-growth drivers [that can] take up the baton”.

The Green Paper give suggestions for strategic directions and comprehensive proposals in the areas that the Commission considers important. Comments on the Green Paper are open until July 30.

Download a summary of the Green Paper.

New Report: Creative and Cultural Industries

The European Cluster Observatory presents the 2nd in a series of priority sector reports, which analyse clusters in sectors of especial importance to the future of the European economy. The report covers the Creative and Cultural Industries. The study details the industries' status in 250 regions and shows where the industries' 6.5 million employees are clustered.

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Interview with Dominic Power

Which region in Europe is most creative?

It is almost impossible to say which region in Europe is the most creative since creativity is everywhere and all European cultures have rich and varied creative traditions. However, it is perhaps possible to say which regions are home to the most creative and cultural businesses or industries. So it is less a question of who is more creative and more a question of understanding why some places seem better at making a living from their creative and cultural activities.

Creative Business – 10 Lessons to Help You Build a Business Your Way

How can you run a business, get the financials right and be creative – all at the same time?

This is a management guide for small business and creative entrepreneurs. The book attacks and reformulates ten of the most common myths about how to build and run a business.

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